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Sixty Seconds Video Marketing

Sixty Seconds Video Marketing is a specialist corporate video production company based in Bristol. We help organisations talk to their key audiences through powerful, concise promotional videos. Video marketing is one of the key tools available to digital marketers today. It is proven to increase engagement, aid search engine visibility and cut bounce rates. If you are not already using video in your marketing strategy, it is likely you are behind your competition.

96% of B2B organisations are using video as part of their online marketing

In no other medium can you put across so much information and emotion in so short a time. In just Sixty Seconds your business can inform engage and sell to your audience. We produce videos to a high standard so that it delivers your strategic message in an easy to understand, easy to remember way and helps to differentiate you from your competitors. Small businesses that fail to include video in their marketing strategies in the future could soon be left behind by their competitors (see blog post here: Don’t Get Left Behind In The Digital Dust). We are always on top of the ever-changing digital trends and news in the digital marketing world.

What makes us different to other video production companies is, we wont just create you a video. We will make sure that video works for your business and becomes a return on investment. Gone are the days of creating a video that will only generate low organic views. We have proven methods that can gain thousands of targeted views by the audience it was intended for. We leverage the power of videos and digital marketing to generate your business maximum online exposure.

Video can be so many different things: something creative that showcases the personality of a business or something unexpected that goes viral. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that a good quality, solid video can sit there on a website 24/7 and act as a salesperson for a company – selling benefits, answering questions, bringing a business to life. It can do a job on its own, or complement a sales team acting as a fantastic tool to help them get their message across.

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“The finished product communicates the essence of the business perfectly in 60 seconds. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to my contacts and anyone else who is looking to produce a marketing video for their company.”
HUW BENDON, On Point Copywriting