July 30, 2018, by Dave Rotheroe

The 15 Second Videos Revolutionising Recruitment

How Painfully Simple Videos Are Helping Recruiters Fill Roles Faster Than Ever Before

Getting attention online is an increasingly difficult game.

Social media platforms introduce changes by the day making it impossible to keep up and competition with posts from friends, advertisers and competitors can make it feel impossible to be seen.

But there’s a new web app that’s giving recruiters a head start by leveraging simple yet powerful videos to draw attention to their job adverts.

The snappy videos which provide an animated clip of job role, location and salary have been proven to dramatically increase engagement and applications, fundamentally reducing cost per hire by up to 56%.

“Our social engagement rose by over 40% and we’ve seen a considerable rise the quantity and quality of applicants.
Sixty Seconds has become our strongest ally in job ad marketing and have enabled us to achieve strong brand advocacy in a crowded marketplace.” – Iain Blair, CEO, Revoco

Why are they so powerful?

Not only is video immediately more eye-catching for prospective candidates, it’s also treated preferentially and given more exposure by social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook over plain text or image posts.

The platforms themselves are competing for the valuable attention of users, so it’s only the most engaging content that makes it onto users’ news feeds.

Until now, creating video like this has been prohibitively expensive for this sort of application.

To produce a similar clip you would need to engage a videographer or marketing agency and likely wait for weeks on end for the video to be delivered.

But Sixty Seconds have flipped the table by creating a fully automated, cloud-based solution that delivers the goods in less than 5 minutes.

How it works

Once recruiters are set up with tailor-made templates featuring their own logo and house style, any employee can then submit a simple form with job role and details. Minutes later, a fully edited video job advert lands in their inbox ready to use.

Videos can then be uploaded to social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook alongside a link to the job listing to dramatically increase reach and clickthrough.

Recruiters can try a demo of the Sixty Seconds app for Free here: