Video: A Trusted Guide Through The Candidate Journey

How to use video to steer candidates through the recruitment process.

The candidate journey begins before the first interview. As a recruiter, it’s important to ensure the applicant has a positive experience from the moment they are introduced to the brand to the moment they sign the job offer. We have put together a roadmap on how to use video during the key phases of the candidate journey. So, go ahead and let us help you navigate to that all-important placement!


The first time the candidate encounters a company’s brand is the moment of introduction. Just like a first date, it’s important to make a good first impression. Video is a powerful tool in helping make the candidate’s first encounter a positive one. Explainer videos are a great way to show-off the brand’s accolades and company culture. Videos can share awards, employee interviews and company background information. The explainer video is a strong asset for the website, but can also be used for digital recruitment ads and as a first touchpoint with potential candidates.


After the introduction it’s important to retarget candidates. Retargeting ads help trigger the next phase of the process: consideration.

Recruiters can run digital advertising campaigns that retarget individuals who have visited the company website or interacted with the brand on social media. They can also target lookalike audiences who are based on all individuals on the company’s CRM system. Using video for retargeting ads allows recruiters the opportunity to share more in-depth background on the company. For example, these videos may include career path stories, additional testimonials or facets of the company culture. For more tips on digital advertising campaigns see our previous blog post: Video Specs for 2020!


Ultimately, strong introduction and consideration videos all build up to the candidate submitting an application. Whilst this process may seem lengthy, it isn’t. Both introduction and consideration stages could be completed in as little as one day.

Videos are a great tool for advertising open positions and generating applications. When running job advert video ads, the recruitment agency should consider providing information such as the job title, salary, perks and testimonials. It’s also crucial for the video to contain a clear call-to-action on how to apply.

The Placement

Congratulations! You have successfully guided the qualified candidate throughout their journey! The hiring company can utilise video to engage the new employee even after the job offer is signed.

Video can be used for congratulations or welcome messages, company culture building and training materials etc.

Why should you invest in video after you have made the all-important placement? The answer is simple: retention and recommendations.

In a sea of recruiters, it has never been more important to stand out from the crowd. Placing importance on candidates who are preparing to start their new role will only cement your brand further in their minds as an industry leader. This is powerful and will ensure repeat business if the candidate is looking for a role in the future. You have also now gained a brand ambassador who will be sure to recommend your company to friends and family.

If you need someone to help steer the creative in your recruitment efforts, Sixty Seconds can be your guide during the video process. Our technology makes creating professional and eye-catching videos easy, so you will never lose your way. Let us help you get started by contacting our team today.

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