How Arthur David wiped-out their external recruitment costs

Turning on and off a tap as and when we need candidates

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The challenge: Reduce an expense of thousands of pounds in external agencies

Arthur David is a nationwide fresh produce distributor with over 450 staff in the whole country. Their main mission is simple: to offer and deliver a huge range of fresh food to their customers across the UK. To get it to its destination on time and with the highest quality-standards they need the best staff working arm in arm. Because of this and the high work volume, at Arthur David are continuously managing their recruitment processes.

However, the recruiting and learning process is normally expensive and takes a lot of time – and at Arthur David were expending thousands of pounds in external agencies to manage it. They also invested in a high quality video production to welcome their new staff and show them the company’s culture and insights.

The solution: Reusable and repurposed content endlessly

Sixty Seconds came up with the perfect solution to their issues: to repurpose and reuse all this video content to attract new staff to join the company. They can create new videos from the original content and tailor them for each vacancy: van drivers, warehouse operatives, customer service advisors…

With all these new video job adverts, they are able to run efficient social media campaigns, finding the best candidates and filling all of their vacancies faster than ever. Also, they can control the whole hiring process and create videos to fill these vacancies on-demand. Should they need more staff for a specific event or they have enough candidates… Regulating the recruitment process is as easy as turning on and off a tap.

Sixty Seconds enabled us to use branded video content to promote active vacancies on social media and give prospects a real insight into our company.

Jason Tunney – Recruitment Officer @ Arthur David

The result: Arthur David wiped-out their external recruitment costs

Only two weeks after launching their first recruitment campaign, Arthur David received thousands of views on their video job adverts. Finally, this turned into 41 applications which resulted in 9 placements.

Our video technology allows Arthur David to save thousands of pounds every month in wasteful video production and recruitment costs. Also, they have gone one step further spending a small budget in social media advertising, taking control of the hiring process from start to end and wiping out external costs completely.

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