How Henry Nicholas saves THOUSANDS of pounds in ongoing video costs thanks to Sixty Seconds

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The challenge: Increase Henry Nicholas’ brand image for candidates and clients

Henry Nicholas is a UK marketing & PR, data & insight, digital, technology and creative recruitment agency. Having already established themselves in the industry they felt as though their brand exposure wasn’t up to standard with the current client and candidate attraction strategy that they had in place.

To solve this lack of visibility, Henry Nicholas needed an innovative solution that would allow them to impact and attract new candidates and clients. Referred to us by Marmalade marketing, one of our most valued partners, Henry Nicholas realised that our video technology and understanding of the recruitment space was the solution to their problems – and they weren’t wrong.

The solution: DIY video technology

Video is one of the best ways to show the insights and culture of a business, giving viewers a deep, visceral perspective into the company. However, video production is expensive work and companies quite often don’t possess the resources to achieve this work in-house. Thanks to our DIY solution, creating tailored video adverts from the attained footage and delivering a return on investment for your video is more reachable than ever. Our technology allowed Henry Nicholas – to create videos by themselves, in less than Sixty Seconds, by just filling in a simple online form.

For Henry Nicholas’ strategy, we proposed to film a corporate video that after could be split in different job adverts. We shot a two minute “Work for us” video that outlined the company culture and objectives to attract new candidates and clients. This meant they could show who they are and what their mission is going forward. We did this as well as taking the footage and breaking it down into clips that they could reuse in unique ads over and over again.

Thanks to our App, they can now create unlimited job adverts without the need of prior video production knowledge. Also, they are getting amazing results from this strategy that would have been nigh on impossible to obtain with a traditional video strategy.

The content looks extremely high end and has exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to working closely with Sixty Seconds on much more video content throughout this campaign.


The result – High ROI and THOUSANDS of pounds saved in video production costs

Our video solution, over the course of their time with us, has potentially saved the company thousands of pounds in production costs as well as creating a brand image that is now clear and concise and recognises them as a leader in the marketing and tech recruitment space. Thanks to this Henry Nicholas is keen advocate and has helped refer us into their wider group of companies.

Also our solution allows Henry Nicholas to control the entire video creating process. Taking control of this has meant that they will never depend on external companies to create and share their content. and should. If they wish to film more footage they can, once recorded they can easily upload it onto their account and reuse and repurposed endlessly.

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