How River Island got 100s of developers excited for their tech roles

Excited and engaged IT candidates

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The challenge: Fill 70 new vacancies in less than 3 months

River Island’s brand is fresh, exciting and forward-looking and has been for over six decades. With 300 stores across the world, an award-winning online fashion retail site, one of the biggest in-house design teams on the British high street and a deep commitment to nurturing new talent, they’re one of the most successful fashion retailers in the UK. But watch this space. They are only just beginning.

The fast fashion nature of River Island means the business is in constant change. For the last couple of years, River Island has implemented a technological revolution within the company. They needed to continue with this transformation finding the best digital talents across the UK. They were, of course, really proud of their strong team and started to look for more fantastic people. The problem was that they couldn´t get candidates fast enough to scale the business, This meant millions of pounds lost in business opportunities.

At that moment, River Island had 70 new vacancies in the tech department: Go Lang Developers, Data Analysts, Scrum Masters… But demand for this type of skill-set was so high – they needed a revolutionary solution to help them to fill all these vacancies grabbing the attention of the best candidates.

With the help of Revoco, we planned to fill these roles in the next 3 months. Sixty Seconds worked arm in arm with Revoco to create a completely different recruitment campaign and the key factor was video.

The solution: Incorporating video at the heart of their recruitment campaign

What better way to fill all these vacancies than showing potential candidates the great working environment River Island had spent years creating and what they could expect from different job positions? Creating a video job advert is a unique way of giving potential candidates insight into the brand story, mission and culture – so that is what we did.

To create the main content piece of video content, we visited River Island’s head offices in Hanger Lane, Shoreditch, London. We spent three days filming their offices, stores and employees. We also interviewed River Island´s CIO and other senior managers in the company to explain what they expected of their new employees and what these jobs vacancies were about.

With all the content collected during these three days, we created a 90 seconds main video that would be our campaign´s axis. Then, we split the content into 9 pieces of 30 second short videos and 75 micro videos of 15 seconds. One of the big differences about Sixty Seconds and other video production companies is: The footage we collect on shoot day can be used over and over again instead of the extra footage that hadn’t made it in the final cut being stored on a hard drive and never seeing the light of day.

The content looks extremely high end and has exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to working closely with Sixty Seconds on much more video content throughout this campaign.


To achieve the goal of filling 70 vacancies in less than 3 months we launched a revolutionary social media campaign based on video content. This campaign – mainly executed in LinkedIn due to its great targeting possibilities – let us target potential candidates by job title, member groups, company and seniority level and allowing River Island to qualify candidates depending on their engagement with these videos. Thanks to the kind of video analytics available to us on social media platforms, River Island was able to consistently keep the potential candidates engaged throughout. For example, if a potential candidate saw more than 50% of the main video, they would automatically receive a smaller piece of content encouraging them to apply to a specific job position – warming candidates in the recruitment process.

The result – 100s of developers excited for their tech roles

Thanks to this video-based social media campaign, River Island got hundreds of thousands of viewings on their content. They also got hundreds of interactions and shares on their post that allowed them to reach thousands of passive candidates, which are notoriously difficult to source.

At the end of this successful campaign, Revoco received hundreds of developer applications that were already excited to start working in the company. Also, thanks to these video adverts, candidates had a clear insight into the brand & culture at River Island – knowing exactly what to expect on their first day.

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