Video as a Sales Tool: Step 2 – How to Generate Qualified Leads

How to make video a staple in your sale process

In the Step 1 of our series, we touched upon why video is a great tool to attract an engaged audience. It can help companies seize the attention of their audience, introducing them to a brand, product or service.

The power of video doesn’t stop here. In fact, it is a vital component tot he entire sales process. In this article, we are exploring how video can generate qualified leads.

Educational Content to Generate Leads

The customer / supplier relationship has been flipped on its head in recent years. The onus is now on the supplier to show customers that they understand their biggest problems and can combat these with their product or service. All marketing content should reflect this modified approach to the sales process.

What better way to show an in-depth understanding of your target audience than providing them with informative and educational content surrounding their issue?

Take a step back to assess your perfect buyer and think about their interests and problems. Use your findings to shape the marketing collateral needed to form an effective sales funnel.


The biggest pro about webinars is that they are bidirectional tools to interact and engage with your audience. You can choose a main topic related to your company – like masterclasses or seminars – and create a presentation about it.

After that, you can include a Q&A session to answer users’ questions about your presentation content. Split testing different formats, such as surveys and polls can help you understand which works better. This is a great way to receive feedback from your prospects and dive in to their interests, inquiries and concerns.

Source: Livestorm

Webinars are also a great tool for collecting contact information from relevant and engaged potential customers. If users want to join your webinar, they will have to complete a simple form.

Demo Videos:

There isn’t a best way to create desire on your audience than showing them the highlights of your product or service.

Demo videos are one of the most frequently viewed and produced pieces of content. If you aren’t already using demo videos, you are behind the curve and need to act fast. Demos give companies the opportunity to explain how their product works and how it is going to solve users’ problems.

At the end of your Demo-video, when your audience is absolutely gripped and engaged, is the best moment to offer them a free trial of your product or continue to the sale.

Is your service an online tool? Invite them to a free week trial.

Is your product a cosmetic? Offer a promotional offer.

The only thing they have to do to enjoy these premium-benefits is to share with you their contact details. And here they are, hot leads ready to flow through your sales funnel.


As you have seen in this article, video content is an amazing tool to generate hot sales-ready leads. Regardless of wether you decide to create a webinar, demo video or any other type of video, you will see a huge difference in your sales process.

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