Moving Your Business Online

Business Strategy for COVID-19 Lockdown

Whilst following Government advice and running your business from your home, it’s important to take this time to adapt to the current climate and change your strategy accordingly.

Understandably, there are strict measures in place to restrict all unnecessary social interaction which would seemingly put a halt to the vast majority of business activities. However, not all hope is lost.

There are a number of ways in which you and your teams can work remotely to ensure that you will be off to a flying start once lockdown measures are dispersed and the business world resumes usual service. Using the below methods there will also be plentiful opportunity to secure sales and new opportunities prior to this.

Promote Your Product or Services Online

Undeniably COVID-19 has already impacted certain industries as a result of strict Government advice encouraging all to work remotely.

There are still a number of industries whose products or services will provide great value to its customers at this time. These messages need to be promoted clearly and effectively in an engaging manner to ensure they both reach the correct audience and actually acknowledged.  

Video is the most engaging method of communication. Users retain 95% of information when delivered to them in video format opposed to just 10% when reading text.

It is for this reason alone why you should be utilising video to promote products and services which are of high value to consumers at this present time. 

Utilise Email Campaigns

Keep your clients or customers updated with business updates using a simple email marketing platform. Our recommendation would be Mailchimp due to its ease of use and easy design styling to create great looking emails.

Useful tip: You will only be charged for your Mailchimp account once you exceed 2,000 contacts. After that you are charged on a rolling monthly subscription and can cancel at any time.

Post to Social Media

Ensure you are keeping your social media channels active on a regular basis, roughly three times per week. To ensure you are reaching your full audience and to ensure consistency, make sure you are posting to multiple social media channels, for example: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Create a simple calendar and plan your content ahead to ensure you are never faced with any creative blocks. Try and vary the theme of your posts with a good mix of promotional, educational, fun and informative content. A simple Google search for your industry will give you a wealth of content ideas.

If you don’t want to commit to posting regularly throughout the week, we recommend the use of a scheduling system such as Buffer. This allows you to create content for one week or even one month in advance which will automatically post to social media on your behalf.

Useful tip: Where possible use video to post to your social media channels to increase engagement levels. Do not post multiple posts on the same platform on the same day.

Hold Video Meetings

Self-isolation measures are likely to be extremely detrimental to securing new business and managing existing business which usually relies heavily on networking and face-to-face meetings. Redeem some form of normality with your clients and customers by holding video meetings.

There are a number of platforms available which support video conference calling with multiple people. The good news is that these platforms are extremely cheap and easy to use. We have tried and tested both Google Hangouts and Zoom and would recommend both to confidently host video meetings with multiple parties.

Useful tip: Use headphones for video meetings to eliminate echo and improve sound quality for other parties.

Reach Out to New Business Opportunities

At Sixty Seconds we have developed a way in which businesses can continue to build a sales pipeline of new clients and business opportunities amongst the current chaos. With the use of our video landing pages, you can quickly and easily send a personalised video out to a prospective client with a personalised message about why you are reaching out to them or their company specifically.

As a relatively new feature of ours we extensively tested the landing page approach to engaging new business internally before promoting the feature to our clients. We have found that using landing pages instead of cold calling resulted in a 70% increase of meeting bookings. We know this feature works, and we are pleased to be able to offer this to you to help navigate your business through this tricky time.

Above we have outlined multiple methods of adapting your business to handle the new changes you are currently facing in the current climate. Whilst this is nowhere near an exhaustive list, it should provide you with a basic framework to get started.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your team today who would be happy to discuss a business strategy for you.

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