5 Royalty Free Music Sources to Create the Perfect Video

It’s not a secret that music is one of the best ways to create audience engagement. Music is a great resource to evoke a range of human emotions like happiness, nostalgia or excitement. This is why it can help us send our message effectively to our audience enabling us to connect with them. Choosing the right soundtrack for a marketing video is the difference between gripping content and a forgettable user experience.

Finding the best track for your video can be difficult and expensive if you don’t know where to look – unless you happen to be an up-and-coming artist! Royalty free music is the solution – allowing businesses to create amazing videos without a big investment. It allows users to download content without having to pay “royalties” – which means that the buyer can use the music endlessly while only paying once for the content license.

Whether you’re creating video job adverts, marketing videos or product videos, these 5 royalty free music sources will have all you need to get started.

1. Premium Beat:

Premium Beat is one of our favourite royalty free music sources.


Owned by Shutterstock, they offer a huge library full of high-quality soundtracks. With over 10,000 tracks on offer it is easy to find the best one for you using Premium Beat’s friendly user interface which can filter tracks by genre, mood and even instrument. Their experts have also created an Editor’s Pick playlist which showcases their favourite tracks – a great resource if you are short of time!

2. Epidemic Sound:

Over 150,000 YouTubers, broadcasters and production companies have already joined Epidemic Sound to get their royalty-free soundtracks. This platform releases new content every week, and now has over 30,000 tracks in their carefully curated library. They take video creation to the next level. A 30-day free trial is available on this platform allowing you to try before you buy.

3. YouTube Audio Library:

YouTube has created an amazing Audio Library tool to help users improve their video projects. Their library has hundreds of royalty-free music tracks and high-quality sound effects.

Despite not having the same scale of tracks as other music resources, this platform is perfect if you are creating a video for YouTube as your music choice can be added directly to YouTube.

Alternatively, tracks can be downloaded and used within a range of projects.

4. Soundstripe:

Soundstripe collaborates with composers, producers, instrumentalists and artists to produce diverse tracks that can be filtered by mood, genre, pace, instruments, key, vocals, duration, and beats per minute. The ability to search by pace and beats per minute is a great feature, allowing you to easily find music that fits with the video you have created – rather than trawling through endless tracks that aren’t suitable.

If you are after audio effects, you can also get your hands on these at Soundstripe – offering 60,000 audio effects divided in 29 categories.

Companies like Netflix, GoPro and Twitter have already trusted them.

5. Pond5:

Pond5 is popular due to their huge media stock, including motion graphics, video and music. They own one of the largest libraries in the market – including over 500,000 soundtracks from cinematic scores to dynamic pop.  They also offer over 700,000 royalty-free amazing sound effects for all types of video production.

With so many royalty-free music platforms, showcasing a huge variety of affordable tracks, it has never been easier to create engaging video content.

Now that you are armed with the musical tools to dominate with your video marketing – what software will you use to create your show-stopping masterpiece?

Sixty Seconds offer a fast and affordable automated video software. With no technical skills or huge time commitments are required, your video ideas can be brought into fruition within a matter of minutes.

  1. Simply select a template from our vast template library;
  2. Complete a simple form to add your desired text;
  3. Choose background media from our library, or upload your own;
  4. Add your royalty-free music;
  5. Your video will be returned to you before you have finished your cup of coffee!

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