“This beats job boards hands down in both cost and speed of generating quality candidates”

Manpower is one of the largest recruitment companies in the world and is responsible for sourcing the workforce of thousands of companies.


July – December is Manpower’s PEAK season where they are tasked to find thousands of drivers and warehouse operatives ready for the Christmas period.

Over the years Manpower has relied heavily on job boards to generate qualified candidates they needed to deliver this project. Recently they have been disheartened with the results and stuggled


We created a 30 second branded advert to promote the roles Manpower had available. The main video was then broken down into a series of branded video campaigns that could target candidates for specific roles directly on Facebook and Instagram.

We streamlined the job application process to a two-click automatic apply form which captured the candidates’ information without them having to leave social media.

We were able to give Manpower total control over the number of applications they received and confidence they could deliver the project for their market leading clients.

In three weeks the campaign achieved 4318 applications for an average cost per application of £1.19. The adverts average click-through rate was 6.45% compared to the industry average of 0.75%

“This beats job boards hands down in both cost and speed of generating quality candidates”

Lauren Ashby – Client Innovation Partner

“We have never seen anything like this, it’s truly revolutionary.”

Karen Joyce – PEAK Service Centre Manager

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