Video as a Sales Tool: Step 5 – Turn Your Leads Into Sales

How to make video a staple in your sales process

Now we are at the end of the sales process! The moment of truth has arrived. We have grabbed our prospects’ attention, we have their contact information, and they are warmed-up and sales-ready!

However, one last push is required. 

At this point, we have a wealth of information about how our leads have engaged with our marketing. Have they attended our webinars? How many emails have they opened? One of the most useful things about including video in our sales process is that almost everything is measurable. For example, we can see how many videos our leads have seen or if they have seen them to the end.

All this information will facilitate knowing when to close the sale.

Lead Scoring

The salesperson has to do a little research and see which of their leads are more likely to finish the purchase. The best way to prioritise which leads to call is to contact them in order of their engagement.

A great tool to help us to do it is the “Lead Scoring” system.

This automated technique rates our leads and assigns them values, most of the times in the form of numerical points. You can score them based on different attributes, like for example the information they have provided to you or based on how they have engaged with your content. This sales technique will help every business and sales team to maximise their efforts and boost their results.

Automated Offers and Promotions

If you don’t have a big sales-team who can call your leads on their best moment to finish the purchase, don’t worry. Personalised emails can also help you to get them in your customer database. You can use the same technique as with “Lead Scoring”, only this time sending a personalised email offering a promotion to tempt your prospect to cross the sales finish line.

Different email marketing tools can help us to automate this process – without the need of someone sending emails manually. Platforms like Sendinblue or GetResponse allow users to track and rate lead actions, and use the insights collected to measure their value. Once they get a specific score, they trigger an automated response – like a special offer or promotion. Thanks to this technology, now it is extremely easy to send joining offers at the best moment, when leads are hot enough to end the buying process.


Lead Scoring and automated emails are amazing technologies by themselves. However, combining both techniques will revolutionise the way you close your sales process. It can sound difficult or expensive – but today, carrying out this type of strategy is easier than ever.

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