Video adverts: How DIY technology is transforming Recruitment Industry

The fact that marketing video is changing the game in the recruitment industry is not a secret. More and more companies are betting on video technology to stand out in a market full of recruitment agencies looking for the best candidates. According to several studies, advertising a job position in video format could increase job applications by 736% in comparison with a text advert. They also point out that candidates spend three times longer on video adverts than in text adverts.

However, creating a customised job advert video has been out of reach for a lot of companies – until now. At Sixty Seconds we have created a powerful DIY tool that allows businesses to create themselves bespoke video adverts. Forget about high production and development costs. Creating your own video job advert is as easy as filling out a form with your company information. In just Sixty Seconds you will get concise, on brand video adverts which will maximize your recruitment campaigns results. With our tool you can also control the number of applications received and we will give you best candidates in quality order for your role. 

Creating video adverts nice and easy

If you thought that creating your own video ad was tricky or expensive maybe it’s because you haven’t tried Sixty Seconds yet. Creating video adverts with our tool is as easy as filling in an online form. In only Sixty Seconds and three steps you can create your video ad without the need of design or programming knowledge, reducing the high costs this normally entails. 

“The content looks extremely high end and has exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to working closely with Sixty Seconds on much more video content throughout this campaign.” Revoco Talent.

Firstly, select a video template, choosing one from our huge list of professionally designed motion graphic videos. Whether you’re recruiting for sales, engineering, marketing… We have the right content for you. Then, complete the form provided. Enter your background and the company information – and that’s it. Your video will arrive directly to your inbox, ready to download or share to the social channels you are prospecting candidates.

Depending on your needs you can choose a plan that suits you. Do you need just a couple of basic videos for your company or do you need branded adverts for different clients? Pay only for what you need with our flexible pricing plans. 

Royalty-Free Media library

With Sixty Seconds you will also save money on design resources, having access to a huge client media library of over 250 million royalty-free images and 15 million stock videos. Thanks to our Shutterstock API integration you won’t have to interrupt the video creation process to search, buy and download design resources, saving time and money in your recruitment process.

In April 2019, we integrated the Shutterstock API integration to improve the video creation workflow. Thus, Sixty Seconds has become a complete DIY video creation tool and companies won’t depend on external services to create their own ads. Through a simple selection process, users can easily implement professional videos to their ads, spending less than a minute in the creative process.

Your video advert for free

Would you like to see how fast you can create your own video job advert? Visit now Sixty Seconds’ website and request your first instant video job. Complete the form and start transforming today your recruitment campaigns – it’s free!

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