Video as a Sales Tool: Step 4 – Warm up Your Leads

How to make video a staple in your sales process

Video is one of the most powerful resources we have to achieve our sales goals. We have seen how video content can help us to attract audience attention and how it can also help us to engage lost leads. But, what happens with all those leads we already have but they haven’t decided to finish the sales process? These guys are playing the long game, and it’s time to start warming them up to prepare them for the final step: the sale

Warming our leads is one of the most important steps in the sales process. Customers need to trust companies before making decisions. This is the best moment to tell them in depth what our company does and how it can solve their problems – and video is a great tool to help us deliver this message.

Email Marketing

Including video in your email marketing campaigns, specifying it on the subject line can increase the open rate by 19% and click rate by over 200%. It can seem difficult and expensive, but including video in the warming up process is easy and affordable if you know how to do it. There are different ways to implement video in your email marketing strategies. 

For example, there are different integrations, like Mailjet with Viwom, that allow you to include video in your email marketing campaigns. Viwom’s algorithm automatically detects a user’s device, operating system and the email client in which the email is opened, and offers the best option for each case. For some customers, the video will not load, but at least, you can guarantee that something else will appear in its places, such as a GIF or a picture.

Source: Mailchimp

If you are looking for the easiest way to include video in your email marketing campaign, linkable video can be the best option for you. You don’t need to include video directly in your email, you can just include a picture linked directly to a video hosted on Youtube or Vimeo. You can design your email looking exactly like there’s a video in it. Just upload a screenshot of your video player and include a link to the video’s URL. When users click on the picture, the video will open in another browser window. Remember to include a clear Call To Action explaining to users where they have to click to see your video.

Inbound Marketing

Using video on inbound marketing is so powerful that can help us to increase the conversion rate by 65%.  There isn’t a magic formula for all business’, but blogs and vlogs series are a great idea to connect with your leads and nurture them. You can create high-quality content about a specific topic and split it into several parts. Through this material, you can grow awareness and nurture your leads. 

You can create a long video-course about something interesting related to your company. Another good idea is to create a useful blog series with video content on it (similar to what we are doing with this series). Once your audience sees you as a professional or an expert in a specific topic, it will be easy to sell products to them. Remember, before launching a content series, do a little research to find out what topics your leads are interested in. Then, create good, useful content for your leads and nurture them until the last step: sales.


These are just some ideas to implement video content in your lead warming step. Try to think about your audience’s insights, their interests and passions. Be creative and use different ways to connect with your audience and nurture it.

There are thousands of possibilities!

If you want to know how to finish your sales process in the best way, don’t miss the last article of our series: Step 5 – Turn your leads into hot sales.

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